May 20, 2022

Retaining Walls

The Preston Hollow Fence Company collections of Retaining Wall Systems give you a choice of styles to meet your property and design requirements. We are the premier retaining wall construction company in Dallas, Texas. We were established in 1960 and have built our business and reputation on providing customers with high-quality walls at very reasonable prices. We place a high value on providing our customers with an outstanding building experience!

Retaining Walls are necessary for slopes and structural supports because they use footings to keep a wall in place and better retain soil. When there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil, a retaining wall is designed and built to resist the lateral pressure of the soil. Retaining walls are used to support soil laterally in order for it to be retained at different levels on both sides. They are commonly used to join soils between two different elevations in areas of terrain with undesirable slopes or in areas where the landscape must be shaped severely and designed for more specific purposes such as hillside farming or roadway overpasses.

Wood Retaining Wall is another low-cost option. It is important to note, however, that wood retaining walls require a minimum of 12″ of crushed rock backfill. Not only to protect the wall from excessive weight, but also to allow drainage during heavy rains, but also to protect the wood from rot caused by dirt contact.
Preston Hollow Fence Company’s Retaining Wall Blocks are the first choice in landscape wall design. We offer a variety of the most popular and functional retaining wall blocks. To ensure that we can meet the needs of both residential landscape and structural retaining wall projects, we manufacture and supply a full line of retaining wall blocks.

If you are interested in our Retaining Walls services and want to know about the Retaining Wall Cost, talk to our experts today.

Retaining WallsRetaining Walls