About The Company :

Building Quality Fences Since 1960

Preston Hollow Fence Company is a full service fence company based out of Richardson, Dallas, Texas, USA. We work very closely with Direct Homeowners, General Contractors, Homebuilders, Schools, Churches, and Multifamily Properties (Residential / Commercial).

Preston Hollow Fence & Supply was started and created in 1960, by Thomas Rathheim. The torch was passed on to Mr. Tommy W. Gilbert, jr who acquired the Fence Company in 2003. We are now going by the name: Preston Hollow Fence Company in Dallas, Texas.

It was Mr. Thomas Rathheims enthusiasm and encouragement that led The Fence Company from the beginning to grow by ensuring every customer was never left unsatisfied with their Fence projects. Mr. Rathheim developed a company with a strong work ethic, and communicated that on a daily basis, coupled with a very strong sense of commitment to each and every customer.

…a company with a strong work ethic coupled with a very strong sense of commitment to each and every customer.

Mr. Tommy W. Gilbert, jr understands these principles very well, and also promised Mr. Rathheim many years ago, that he would continue to employ each day forward. Tommy W. Gilbert, jr began his Fencing Industry Career back in 1994. He is a native of McKinney Texas, and moved to Richardson Texas back in mid 70’s.

What makes us different

  • The main frame work is the most important part of your project. At Preston Hollow Fence Company, we ensure that your fence or gate project is a success.
  • We have a particular way of setting post: All New Fence Post are set 3′ Deep; All New Fence Post are set 6′ apart or less.
  • Hinge Post for Drive Way Gates are set 4′ Deep, and they need to set up for several days NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • 2 x 6 Wood Retaining Wall post are set on 4′ centers, and post set 3′ deep. The small wall post are the same.

Get in touch with our experts

We look forward to serving you. Give the Preston Hollow Fence Company a call on your next fence or gate projects! We appreciate everybody’s business over the years.

Thank you,

Tommy W. Gilbert, jr
Preston Hollow Fence Co.